{On the Bookshelf: The Winners Brain}

Written by Jeff Brown and Martin Fenske, The Winners Brain sets out to explore why some succeed and others just continue with life. 

Many people view the brain as a mysterious, abstract structure— almost like a set of master controls that run on autopilot behind a locked door to which one has no real access. This simply isn’t the case. You have the ability to unlock the door and consciously, deliberately, and successfully control much of your brain’s switchboard in order to better position yourself to achieve your goals and dreams. The brain is active and subject to change no matter what you do—this is one of the key discoveries of modern neuroscience. What sets the owner of a Winner’s Brain apart is the desire and the know-how to take charge of the process.Unlike other books, The Winners Brain explores daily habits which can be applied to achieve and exceed your goals.

I took a lot of concepts from the book, especially the idea of how new experiences strengthen our brain. 

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