{My Peli 1510}

So, it first happened a few years back, a Peli case was bought by my Father. We don't share a taste for accessories, but we do share a passion for cameras, lens's and laptops, stuff that could break in transit, also we share the fact that we spend most of our lives in transit.

Last year it finally happened, my Peli 1510 case arrived. That was it, no more generic high street branded luggage, my Peli has not failed me once. Features I love about it:
*It's totally watertight so I can take my stuff onto the river in Henley with me and not worry.
*It can accommodate massive padlocks to keep it secure so if it does have to go in the hold on a plane, you have full piece of mind.
*It is solid. And I'm 5"2 (rounded up), which means that I use it as a stool for reaching tall stuff (this is just an added bonus, if you're reading this because you actually need a stool, I'd recommend a £1 shop, this would make for an expensive stool).
*It means business (and looks bad ass). I love that it accessorises with my penchant for monochrome during transit.

If you're looking to replace your luggage, try something industrial that will keep your equipment safe!

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