{Image Fraud}

I find my images everywhere. The passive hearts and Parisian pink tone images. They’re all over the place, pinterest, weheartit, peoples beautiful blogs.

I’ve never really cared that much unless my images are used for profit. Being back in the office where I work, the 2013 corporate calendar landed on my desk. Ooh, my image was the January image! I didn’t remember submitting anything though, I’d been abroad photographing beautiful people and missed the submission. How could this be I wondered. Oh, the name attached to the image was not Patricia Snook. It was an image I look for my colleague of some pedestrian cacti.

Now, had this individual used my image on her website or something, I’d drop her a list of my fees for use of my images. So what do I do in this instance?

I don’t have the before of the image, it was a passive snap of a cacti with a quick homemade action run to enhance it. I delete images that I think to be generic and dull.

The fact that someone takes so much enthusiasm from an image not their own, really reiterates the fact that I am so much more competent and successful than themselves. That’s a nice mentally assuring note. It is also wonderfully reassuring that it is recognised by others that metaphorically speaking, my product is up there with the biggest on the shelf, and that people want a piece of it. You can argue that it probably isn’t worth the energy to fight these frauds, but the more I fight the shorter the length of the lines of them. As my business increases and grows, as more wonderful clients get involved and I need more support with assistants and individuals, I cannot make a mistake. I have too many people and resources dependant on me getting it right.

In terms of the type of person who could be so fraudulent, negative people are not needed in this life. Like attracts like. 

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