{Guest Post: Vicky Andrews}

The Wonderful Miss Andrews... 

You should always pursue your passion. Things like work, a social life and just time in general can leave you feeling withdrawn from your hobby but luckily with one such as photography there is always the chance to learn and develop. From a young age being the one with the Polaroid camera to capture a birthday or holiday snap, i knew I liked saving the memory. Photos for me are memories of a moment in time. As a preteen i would sit for hours looking at magazines, at the photos of Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff, but not so much looking at them for their careers but for the way the photo was taken, their stance and clothing. In 2009 i took a life changing trip to Iceland as you can see in my photography portfolio  http://vickyandrewsphotography.blogspot.co.uk/. It was then that i knew that pretty much anything can be photographed and its true. In today’s world there are cameras in phones, music devices, laptops, so whether you are on the go or stood with your DSLR, you are always equipped to expand your hobby. One can always take workshops or courses to better yourself in taking a photo or photo shopping which is now my new on-the-side intrigue. Be inspired by other peoples images (i use we heart it http://weheartit.com/VickyA1993 ) and try to recreate or inspire yourself to take such images. I take photos of food, the sky, animals, jewellery, myself, friends, pretty much anything one can find. Always upload them to a blog or sites such as flickr and instagram and see what comments people leave you, constructive or complementing, they will always boost your knowledge and outlook on your work. (My Flickr) http://www.flickr.com/photos/vickya1993/
 There is always time to take a photo, and always time to be inspired. I dare you to try it!

{Eek! Wonderful thanks for such a beautiful post Vick's, you have such a great eye for photography and it's always brilliant working with you. Also, what perfect motivation for the new year!}