{Fitness: Climbing}

In a new year new you kinda thing, I decided to make a precedented effort to get ripped. Intense Pilates practice has me planking like I've never planked before, which is great and feels fantastic. My posture is brilliant. Cardio is shredding my winter layers. But... I'm climbing frequently with Andrew, and from that, I have weird strange muscles that I swear weren't covered in school level biology. 

Climbing feels great, whether you're bouldering (as below) or top roping (I'm not quite at lead climbing confidence yet), you are alone up there and have just the wall to worry about. Getting on the wall with Andrew is brilliant, he's hard on me and that just makes me want to kick more climbing ass. 

I got my first little pair of shoes which are reminiscent of ballet blocks, they hurt like hell at first but you get used to it.

Among Reading Climbing Centre and Lancs Uni recently, I've also had a few jaunts at Newport Rock which is also great fun especially for bouldering.

If you're after a new sport or something to do as a couple, I can't recommend climbing enough.

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