{Eating Good: Cacao Nibs}

Cocoa nibs have become one of my favourite treats. During the day I work in an office environment with easy access to chocolate bars and bags of crisps. In order to not succumb to the consumption of chocolate, I make fruit pots for Andy and I to snack on instead. A sprinkle of cocoa nibs has become a delicious addition. I love Naturya's bags, they're not sprayed in chemicals and taste so good!

The Benefits of Cocoa Nibs:
-Rich in flavonoids which promote a healthy cardio vascular system
-LDL Cholesterol reduction
-Blood Pressure reduction
-Mental focus and memory enhancement
-Increases production of seratonin reducing stress
-Improves blood quality which helps prevent blood clots and heart attacks.

Further reading about raw nibs in comparison to the cocoa used in the production of chocolate suggests though, that when mixed with milk or lactose the benefits are significantly reduced. 

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