{Travel Diary: Marrakech}

Last week I'd had enough of the dull cold winter in the uk. The sun hadn't been around in days and the world started looking mono tonal. Luckily though this winter dullness had been preempted and we headed to find the sun in Marrakech. The sun was certainly found. As was snow capped mountains, enthusiastic tourist reemers with pride over their waterfalls, markets empty at 7am with dazed shop owners baffled to see their gdp in camera equipment so early, reassuringly developed high streets, the lingering smell of donkey ass on every note, statistically from a limited sample I can conclude that 1 in 3 belly dancers in the country can actually belly dance, haggling is just "not my thing" as arguing with a man with no teeth for ten minutes over donkey ass money is just too much effort, advice from Arabian locals "a man he needs two things, a rug and a wife", and passe camel trading jokes. 

I must warn you that this post is image heavy... 

All my love, Patricia