{There's a lack of colour}

Around two months ago, I was without a phone. It had been three years living with an iphone, not in conjuction with life, but depending on it. How could I communicate my websites without regular twitter, facebook, instagram updates. In the process of this realisation it also dawned upon me that I would face being without food, actually without food, I wouldn’t be able to order the weekly food shop with the supermarket app. Once I got a grip and judged my own stupidity, I realised that my love for my laptop returned.
Without the need to consult my phone while travelling, while walking, filling that stillness, I found that creativity that was recently lacking. I had become open to the work around me. While out walking without the need to update social networks and media, I could watch the falling leaves around me, feeling inspiration again. I had gained a realisation that I don’t need all the tools around me to capture anda enhance my creativity. I just needed silence again to see everything I was missing.
Creativity is essential to us all, Having a dynamic enough mind to see the truth, it doesn’t matter if you are a scientist, a businessman, an artist, when you see the world around you, you become the better person.

All my love, Patricia
Patricia Snook2 Comments