{On the Bookshelf}

The flat is a great little location and is certainly filled with so much of our stuff. It struck me yesterday how many books we have. These are only two parts of the ikea Expedit unit in the living room. They're such a reflection of us. I didn't realise the irony of the Etiquette for girls book my mother bought me as a lolz is placed next to the construction materials book. Water availability and water politics is a great interest. It's a resource that will always be available but how we manage it is an ever growing issue.

On quiet mornings, reading the pages of An Anatomy of Inspiration is actually one of my greatest favourites. Fuelling such creativity.

Eating and drinking is a great past time too, an any contributions by Fran Warde are an immediate favourite. Vodka is my drink of choice, and understanding methodologies of production is a huge interest. When I was an underage teen I asked my mother, can I create a vodka distillery in the loft? At which point I think she begun to disown me. Also with regards to eating, I've borrowed my fantastic colleague's book on Sushi and have had a few tries, getting better every time!

All my love, Patricia
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