{Wedding Photography: Ceremony Images}

Regarding images I've developed a repetitive habit. So often while I'm editing in coffee shops, someone will stop and ask "what are you DOING there?" while I'm drawing on shapes over beautiful images. Yes it looks like a five year old defacing someones beautiful day at first. But I then blur the heck out of it. I've always preferred cubic convolution means of working with pixels rather than the easier and more novice nearest neighbour or bilinear convolution. Photoshop has different types of pixel determination. And cubic convolution means it takes more time when the edit is run but it uses more pixels to calculate filler pixels. It sounds more clever than it is.

Aside from clouding up images with childlike blurs, I use alot of lens correction in photoshop. I love the changes of perspective which you achieve through use of this tool. At the moment it satisfies my need for a tilt shift lens, but really, I need a tilt shift lens.

Images with brides, when they're in the centre, use a soft light fill, just make one, adjust the layer modes on a blurry colour centre, just play with some until you're happy. Keep the opacity as low as possible.

That's it for now kids (:

All my love, Patricia
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