{Teddy Bunny}

Fred is an addition to our family. He lives with my Mother and Sister. He is the most beautiful bunny, adopted from a wonderful rescuer and brought into our home to be pampered and adored. He joins Vivaldi, my girl, a stunning blonde lionhead bunny. We've been through alot together, when he's been sick, I've sacrificed my bespoke bed for an armchair so I could lay holding him through the night, feeding him through a syringe at intervals convenient to him. 

Now though, I'll be with him and Vivaldi this weekend, in conjunction with photographing a beautiful wedding. Since he and her decided that they'd have a domestic about something insignificant, they need to be "bonded" back to being friends. Vivaldi is my beautiful girl, and the little shit in defending herself took a chunk out of Teddy (Fred)'s face. So, I'm not impressed, because while editing for the next few days, I'll be sleeping in a rabbit cage. That way, they can be in the same vicinity without trying to recreate a scene from Watership Down. The little shits. 

All my love, Patricia