{An Invisible Man}

I wish I could say that the above title is something deep and meaningful, beautiful and heart achingly loving. But it's not, it's the lyrics to Ghost Busters, because Westwood, the subject of this image loves shit music. And post summer BBQ antics he piled us in his car to gather MORE BEER and pudding forwardslash get kicked out of a supermarket for not wearing shoes, but as he started his car, the ghostbusters theme tune came on. The not so secret climbing club went to the south coast where the "I'm having trouble sleeping image" comes from. As if getting a duvet out on a rock in front of tourists and two coach loads of german students isn't embarrassing enough, Westwood jumped into the sea for a swim and thus this image.
As I'm typing I'm wondering if the title of this image should change to "Guess who's back"... back again, Shady's back.... tell a friend. But I think we'll stick to retro Ghost Busterage.
Have a brilliant eve all! Any questions let me know, I'm doing loads more tutorials and before and afters on here :D

All my love, Patricia