{An Instagram Week}

1. Vodka and home made Pear Pudding
2. Flowers from Andrew <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">3. Bruise on my leg from climbing
4. Katie Alice my darling cousin and I discussing family trauma
5. Hobbs showing us how to climb
6. Climbing shoes!
7. I love our little home
8. Lunchtime date
9. Smokey 60s eyes!
10. Drinking at the Red Lion hotel bar in Henley (my favourite bar)
11. Homemade beef pie (totally organic and utterly yum)
12. Hiking in Hambleden with Andy
13. Ahhhh!!! My Peli case arrived!
14. Making semi vegetarian lasagne
15. The Music Room in Lancaster, perfect location for sunday reading and coffee
16. Dining in Cumbria :D

All my love, Patricia