{To lose control. When here we come.}

Autumn Beach Outfit

Weekend before last, four awesome guys who I share my working environment with, all had this ambition to climb the cliffs of Portland Bill. Prior to our little escapades I laboured the fact that Portland is an inbred blotch on a beautiful landscape, and of course, to quote moi "it's shit." Instead of hanging off rocks over the angry south coast, I met up with my Grandmother not too far away in a little town of


. On the way, with no navigational sense, I borrowed Andrew's car. Switching up from my wonderful Swift to a boyish 1 series made the coast road the most fun it's ever been. In a passive aggressive notion, I chose Joy Division as my soundtrack of choice, as a polarised eff you to the coast.

Not only being kinda okay Engineers, these guys are pretty epic. Halfway through rock hopping an image created itself in my mind, "Guys guys guys, can you give me 10 while I run back to the car and grab the duvet?!" Images later with the help of Andrew, he had enough snapshots for a delicate image. One of the awesome Flickr people commented "You seem so quiet and little in that huge landscape" - Thanks


, that's probably how I felt, behind the narcissism of course. 

My boots are photographed, I did this while Westwood aka Bed-Wetting-Harry, threw his body in the cold ocean. While in South Africa this year with my


she told me I needed to throw them away, and in exchange for a beautiful Ash pair, she thought her mind games had trumped me into parting with my old faithfuls. Ha, with one giant hole in the toe, warthog blood, rural animal shit, and much spilt beer, I'm still winning. 

All my love, Patricia