{The Universe Throws A Stone}

The Universe Throws A Pebble

In one of Jillian Michael's recent podcasts, there's a reference she quotes from Oprah, about the universe throwing a pebble, then a stone, and then a rock, when it's trying to communicate with you. This was a delicate resonating quote. Probably too close to home for me. But it made sense. There are some great opportunities every day to be more awesome and to be more wonderful than the day before. In whatever sense you think is most appropriate. When the universe starts throwing stuff at you, and I seem to have had an awkward quantity of shit of late, but, you have to stop and reevaluate. 

With this post on flickr a few weeks back, I added the following text... 

Yesterday did a food shop and prepared some fantastic healthy meals for the week ahead. Since becoming more conscious with my eating, health has gone from strength to strength with the ultimate realisation through my cholesterol results. I used to collapse quite frequently as my heart would stop for anything between 30seconds to a minute or so. Pretty freaky huh. It's not that I'm unhealthy, it's because my genetics are packed with heart disease. Thinking about when my next collapse would be, or what would happen if I were driving, or what would happen if an ambulance couldn't get to me, would stress me out so much. I didn't want to do anything. Which is kinda stupid. There was a turning point sometime in the last year, and I started thinking about how I've watched the people I love the most suffering from heart attacks and strokes in their twenties, and I've also thought carefully about their lifestyles. So, I took note of everything they did, foods they eat, gm foods they indulge in, bad saturated fats, all of that, and I did the opposite. My food bills haven't changed, but I eat consciously, I avoid fake foods and chemicals, I exercise and take great organic supplements, I fast occasionally with Andy and, my genetically high cholesterol, the same cholesterol which was 9 when I was just 17, is phenomenally lower. Weird huh. 

Went on a little rant there, but I just think this image just reiterates how awesomely healthy I feel! 

All my love, Patricia