{Photographic How To: Limitless}

My Beauts! 

As promised this morning on my flickr... I uploaded an image which I took as the sun was rising and the light in the spare bathroom was too beautiful to not make the most of.

You guys have given such wonderful comments on the image on twitter and I'm immensely appreciative. So I'm going to share how it was taken to say thank you!!! 

I did this...

The image is rubbish, you can see I've lost my remote and couldn't be bothered to leave it on timer and keep running back to press it...

So, firstly I noticed that the jumper bit in my mouth was more in focus than anything else. So, my favourite trick is to duplicate the layer in photoshop, then go filter, stylize, find edges, drop the opacity and select the layer type to divide. I then go through and delete bits which have too much edges all glowing and things.

On the end image, notice how the door frame looks structurally unsound and bows out? That's because I love love love messing with perspective (because I can't afford a tilt shift just yet...) If the portrait is in the middle of the frame, I use lens correction to mess around with perspective.

Also, I took this image at five am after drinking a few glasses of vodka on ice last night, those bags and all the blubbery bits of skin I just dodged and burnt.

Then, colour tone adjustment, hue and saturation, I put a layer of colour ontop and used exclusion. Super Easy.

Also, I was listening to King Charles while doing so... I think the steel pans help justify the quizzical expression!

All my love, Patricia