{Career Girl: I don't...}

My lovelies, 

I start each day with a little list, whether I jot it down on the back of a disused envelope or on an app on my desktop, my tasks will be laid out in front of me. A few weeks back, reading through my favourite biz ladies posts, the idea of a "I Don't" list was introduced.

There is a multitude of things which "I don't" do in my business and in my day to day life. Alot of the time potentially productive working hours are taken up fussing about the tasks which I don't do. 

As a photographer, I don't:
  • take compromising images of  clients or friends to past on the internet with mockery
  • allow myself to be left alone in a room with under 16 year olds without a contract (primarily because I'm really not good with kids).
  • share before and after's of clients

As a human, I don't:
  • reply, to anyone, it's such a bad habit. Send me a text or email and even though I love you to bits, I get home into my work zone and cannot concentrate on anything else.
  • argue about petty things, I just accept that I'm always right
  • enjoy cooking
  • follow recipes, following from the above, I've tried making macaroons a bazillion times and always fail, because the recipe goes out the window. 
  • listen to advice, I fail, then I get up and start again
  • live in a clean Martha Stewart esq home, there's clutter and paraphernalia everywhere.
  • like most people, and I've come to learn that it's okay. 

All my love, Patricia