{Sleep Paralysis}

My lovelies,

I'm going to share some details I found today about a really frustrating thing I get which is sleep paralysis... I'm no scientist or specialist in this field, but these are my conclusions... 

I often experience sleep paralysis which makes the brain feel attackers are in the room more often than nice people, because our breathing is SIGNIFICANTLY shallow during sleep and our mind goes into fight or flight while our body is in a state of deep relaxation.

Why? Well, from reading around the topic my guess that in my case, it is linked to my hyper active liver which spends it's days producing farrr too much cholesterol. The liver in my case then processes stores of Melatonin too fast so it’s super limited at night, thus I'm awake as we go into REM sleep. Then while the phenol gland produces more in the dark while we sleep, we still maintain that deficiency. 

Melatonin, can’t you take a supplement? I'm very against supplements when there is a food alternative. Instead, get onto Amazon and order a 10 000 lux (that's the strength of the light) SAD light. In my instance, my liver's exacerbated by cholesterol = phenol gland just not meeting demand for melatonin = no melatonin = seasonal affective disorder.

{Foods High in Melatonin}

Then additionally, we then have to get more of these into our diets: almonds, bananas, oats, ginger, rice, sweetcorn, spinach. I’ve been buying fresh (organic is a given) ginger root recently and grating it into stir fry’s, it tastes fantastic, especially when cooked with beef.

·         SAD lamp to get your phenol gland going early when you wake up.
·         More organic fresh spinach (use baby flat leaf instead of lettuce), Oats, Brown rice – if it ain’t organic then the way in which it’s produced is… white rice is stripped of it’s yellowish colour, then bleached, then coloured to be darker. MAKE SURE IT’S ORGANIC. Almonds, put them in everything.


All my love, Patricia