{Eating Good: Andrew's LowCal Burgers}

My Sweethearts,

When it comes to food and drink, I've been rationalising my eating plans and in recent months I've become incredibly more responsible with grocery choices. Organics and Ethical Foods have become a shopping staple.

Andy is the cook between us, and his fantastic low calorie beef burgers never disappoint...

*Organic lean mince 500g
*1 Onion - red or white
*3 Garlic Cloves
*Fresh Ginger Root - just a little grating
*Crushed Pepper Corns
*Three fresh cut chillies

*4 Organic Sweet Potatoes
*Sprinkling of Paprika
*Olive Oil
*Dash of chilli powder

*Fresh Ciabatta
*Cherry Tomatos
*Organic Goats Cheese

Low Calorie Beef Burger 

All my love, Patricia