{Time Management}

My Darlings,

In an interview I'll tell you that I have fantastic time management skills. Well, that's a load of bull. I have no time skills because the minute I get a hold on my objectives, I'll immediately take on more. It is in my nature to take on more than I can chew, if I'm juggling two things, I'll grab another two just because I want to be the person who effortlessly busts a gut. Time is a huge luxury to me though, and because I run a business, work as a photographer, do my 9-5 as a civil engineer, I want to maximise my free time.  

Tasks: Break them down, instead of saying to yourself "Today I'm going to clean the whole house" break it down, "Today I will clean the kitchen, tomorrow I'll take time to hoover the hall." The moment you start ticking off tasks your motivation gets a kick. 

Stop checking your inbox: If someone had told me three years ago that I did not have to check my inbox every half hour, I wouldn't have believed it. In reality though, giving yourself time to focus on the tasks at hand is far more valuable then constantly getting distracted by texts and emails. I now check my emails and texts twice a day, then I respond accordingly and mission through the lists. If I have an email from a client asking for a quote about photography work and don't have time that evening to produce a cost breakdown, I'll still email back to advise that I will respond accordingly in a stated time frame. 

JFDI Just effing do it: Sometimes a task doesn't need you to go that extra mile and do something earth shattering. You just need to effing do it. Burn it off your to do list and move on.  

Routine: Get your ass into a routine. It takes your brain 21 repetitions of something for it to become a habit. Habit = Routine. 

All my love, Patricia