My Darlings, 

When we were just thirteen years old I was lumped in a Business Enterprise group with these three, we had to simulate a business environment, all the way to product delivery in our summer fate. We made a load of little clay necklace pendants, I still have one somewhere, they were epic. Of course we won the best team award, that was a given, we had Willma as one of the driving forces, she's relentless. Over the last ten years, thirteen if you go back to the beginning, we've all come to know all the things that niggle us, DeePea is gracious but will slap you across the face with her stifling one liners, Katie Ray and I aren't the best at coming to decisions or understanding "the plan" and Willma, well you don't mess with her, she sleepwalks - Croatia 2010 when I shared a hotel room with her, good lord. 

We all met up for a friend of ours wedding a few weeks back, it was fantastic seeing them all! 

Jewelz 11 years on, from the left DeePea is in a bridesmaid dress, I'm in H&M, Katie Ray in Coast, Willma again, in a bridesmaid dress.

All my love, Patricia