{Eating Good: Vitamin D}

My Darlings,

Recently, the lack of sunshine this summer has got me all flustered and worried that I'll become this weak depressed grey matter. So I've been doing alot of reading up on Vitamin D - the healthy stuff that comes from the sun...

Vitamin D deficiency:
*Feeling down or depressed
*Wheezing and shortness of breath
*High or elevated Blood Pressure
*Muscle Weakness
*Joint Pains

Natural ways to boost Vitamin D in your body:
*Eat a good portion of oily fish (Salmon, Tuna and Mackerel) a few times a week - a portion of salmon is around 90% of your Vitamin D RDA
*Get out in the sun, go for a walk at lunchtime when the sun is strongest
*Change up for full fat organic milk a few times a week - around a glass a day boosts your RDA of Vitamin D by 25%
*Have some fortified cereals, but be careful because they're often rammed with sugars.

All my love, Patricia