{Beauty: Summer Essentials}

My lovelies, 

Gearing up this summer I'll be popping away for a few days away with family and friends to their idyllic holiday home in the sunny Spanish Hills. In preparation for a busy few weeks before hand, packing is taking early priority. 

Just this weekend during a wedding reception catch up, my girls and I were reflecting on our sunshine regimes, Katie Ray and I factor fifty it up like it's the next big thing, thus a love for St Tropez's spf50 and tan enhancer combo. Also, in sunshine and dry heat, Juicy Tubes are a must. Then in preparation for being picked up and launched into the nearby pool by drunken weightlifters, you can't go wrong with waterproof make up, I love YSL's waterproof mascara, primarily because it does not form a concrete layer around your lashes and is relatively easy to remove. 

{Summer Beauty Essentials}

All my love, Patricia