{Getting Clean}

My loves,

It's been 4 weeks now since I've been clean of caffeine.

If you had told me this time last year that I'b be decaf, there is not an ounce of belief that I would offer. I had alot of friends who were users, alot, meeting for countless coffees would be easy, an afternoon session, done. The low that followed this hyped cheerleader was never pretty. As my relationships grew with close friends I found that I was the only one ordering triple esspressos and getting revved. They sipped their hippy teas and so called "delicious decafs" while I buzzed around for an hour before crashing. Since a teenager, I had never experienced a week off the stuff. 

Just before moving house I got an awful flu virus, I was sick for around 10 days, utterly under the weather and sleeping through the days. It was on around day 5 that I noticed there hadn't been any caffeine entering my system, but I was sick in bed and felt too weak to endure a venture for coffee. Instead I sipped my Pom juice. Over a week had passed and the flu starting shifting, as I got back into my normal routine, it struck me that the cravings had vanished. 

How to go Decaf: 
*Coincide it with time away from your normal environment, this way your habit falls outside of your daily routine 
*Be aware that you are going to feel weak and generally horrible, this feeling lifts after a few days and you'll feel even and calm  
*If you're on the verge of breaking down, order a coffee, hold it in your hands, and inhale the aroma 

All my love, Patricia