{Social Media: Search Engine Optimisation}

My Sweethearts,

Okay, let me start this post by saying, under no circumstance am I a tech person. Oh my gosh, the thought of adding new like buttons or share options, just stress's me out!

However, when it comes to my photography, the pressure is on to get the website ranked highly for locals to find my services. So I search engine optimise. I search engine optimise the heck out of my other websites! By no means does this make me an expert, but there are some key tips which I'd love to share with you...

First off, SEO is all about making spider search engines like Google pick up your blogs and websites more easily. That way you get visitors who really want to find out about all the lovely things you have to offer!

These are some of my Search Engine Optimisation key tips:
{Keywords} like tags, add these to everything!
{Tag Everything} as above
{Meta Tag} this is a bit more tricky and requires html fiddling, there are heaps of online tutorials, this one here is great
{Links Within Text} Great way to get the search engines to love your site
{Unique Content} No one wants to hear the same old thing, give your readers something fun and new
{Image Descriptions} Want to find it on google?
{Site Maps} They so so so helpful to your readers and search engines love it!
{Social Media} Great way to spread what you have to offer!

{Search Engine Optimisation}

All my love, Patricia