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Boticca.com: supporting independent jewelry and fashion accessory designers

The handmade pieces in your jewelry box – if you’re lucky enough to own any – are usually the most special to you, for a whole bunch of reasons. They might embody a place, perhaps spent travelling and discovering new things, the person who made it for you, a special time of your life, or some entirely different reason. The fact that it’s a one-off only adds to that feeling of connection and discovery.

We fashionistas lust after the unique, the genuine, and are avoiding mass-manufactured trinkets more and more. And while there are various craft platforms like Etsy and Artfire, there’s a site that specialises in jewelry and fashion accessory design – Boticca.com.

Jewelry design is an art form that has been emerging from a recession over the last few years… And Boticca is playing a big, big part in that.

Boticca was founded in 2009 after a rare discovery in the markets of Marrakesh, where one of its two co-founders, Avid, realised that something so beautiful, and that was designed and made independently, was hard to find unless you travelled to far-out places… And so the concept was born.

Boticca is a curated online marketplace where indie designers from all over the world can showcase their work to an international customer base; the designers are all profiled, are able to set up shop there free of charge, take the lion’s share of the profit whenever they sell one of their pieces, and are able to build their brand and spread their name to people they never would have otherwise been able to reach.
Check out Boticca’s 6,000+ range of handmade jewelry and fashion accessories here.
Oh, and Boticca is on Pinterest, too, so be sure to visit and say hello!

All my love, Patricia
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