{Social Media: Twitter Tips}

My lovelies,

Most of us have twitter accounts oui? I'm over here if you're not a follower already! Shameless self plug complete, now I can move on to this post's content...

If you're a successful blogger, most likely, you'll be a successful tweeter, and this is because already you will have one of the fundamentals down to a tee. That's commenting. On blogs, we use comments as a means of demonstrating to our followers that their comments are appreciated, it works in one fantastic loop. On twitter however, it's very much the same thing. Commenting on other peoples tweets is our means of connecting and humanising ourselves.

We've all scheduled blog posts, because we're on holiday or we know we're not going to be able to get in daily and post. Well, the same can be done with twitter. I use BufferApp to ensure that when I know I can't tweet and share my news and inspiration, that it's scheduled to work in the background for me. There's nothing worse than link spamming. Most of the apps we use do it for us already - tumblr "ooh awonderingstar has just uploaded this, again" is a prime example. We don't have to link spam. As long as we share interesting content, communicate with our audience directly, our followers will know our blogs and websites already. Easy peasy.
{Twitter Tips}

All my love, Patricia