{Thank You, Michael Kors}

My sweethearts,

I'd like to take a moment and introduce you to my key staple. My giant Michael Kors bucket bag is such a key piece to my daily routine that I'm thinking of scouting out the same bag in a gentle white or brown to compliment my other half of the wardrobe.

Starting the day of my working week, I stuff it full with my documents, drawings, design, a gym kit, pair of back up flats, packed lunch. I drag it to the gym at lunchtime, dump it in a locker, stuff it with wet swim kit, smelly gym shoes. Then when I'm done, my cameras go in, laptop, polaroid, backup films, and then I jump into photographic mode. When travelling on weekends, I abuse it with makeup bags, outfit changes, laptop, cameras, all sorts.

I'd just love to say, thank you Michael Kors for my key wardrobe staple - for now...

All my love, Patricia