{Snow Day}

My Sweethearts, 

This weekend past, it's been pretty darn snowy. Now, I'm not a miserable person, generally. I've grown up in the mountains, spent alot of time in Lesotho growing up. Now that was cold. A bit of snow counted as 2meters. I like snow, I like to sit with a skinny mocha and watch it hit the ground, in a warm centrally heated environment. 

So on sunday, the snow was pretty heavy. Andy and I currently live in High Wycombe, a little town a stones throw from the capital. One of the main features of the town is two frigging steep hills either side of the valley. Getting my little Suzuki Swift out of a series of hills and streets to the main heavily gritted Amersham Hill, took 40minutes and alot of shovelling to move around 50meters. 

We went out for a walk, I thought I'd leave the Sam Edelmans for Vibram hiking boots and thermals. Fantastic idea. 

While hibernating from the Guys apartment in town, Andy and I made a whole lotta... and ate it all! With butter!!!

All my love, Patricia