{Outfit Inspiration - Hello 2012}

My lovelies, 

Fabulous new years wishes to each and every one of you! After a wonderful weeks break with family and friends it's time to get back to normality, and what better way to start than with a whole lotta' shopping. Items which I'm craving at the moment include the Marta Jonsson speedy bag below, I'm still very 2006 and will wear any speedy religiously in the fold of my arm! I found it via Marisota, the brand which distributes women's plus size catalogues, it's just perfectly functional, and fabulously practical. I'm medically in need of replacing my pedestrian Raybans with some huge oversized Fendi sunglasses. Actually, all the below items I've found online at Marisota, they're a pretty all encompassing one stop shop for pretty much everything! 

Anyway, at the moment, with the weather so temperamental in the UK, I'm loving the practicality of riding boots, huge scarves and warm knits! Moisturising lipgloss is staple with winds gusting and frosty mornings. 

 With so much ahead this week, emails to catch up on, images to send to the printers, books to get out, clients to get back to, it's going to be a great year ahead! 
Hello 2012!

Have a fabulous week ahead!!!

All my love,