{Breakfast Music}

My loves,

There are a few very consistent elements to my life. The two I'm going to share with you today are breakfast and music. A few days out of the week, breakfast is a rushed gulp of fresh coffee and half a marmite bagel as I'm running for early starts. Whatever tries to get in the way, I never let breakfast slip, otherwise I come out with brain farts like "Snook, S as in Snake, N as in Nostril, O as in Octopus and K as in Clown." Tool.

In terms of music, I lost a few junctions last week driving back from a meeting. Josh T Person's album Last of the Country Gentlemen had arrived via amazon that morning and I was listening to his heartbreakingly beautiful melodies for the first time. Talk about distraction! And, not to mention, he wears limp tees and has beautiful long locks!

On commutes where I'm not feeling haunting heartbreak, I've been loving Fruit Bats {blogged already here} and Wye Oak {below}