{Raise a Glass}

Just a little note before festivities...

My Darlings,

By day, I work in the construction industry. I love what I do, the challenges I face, and the people I surround myself with.

A natural trait amongst my trade, is drinking. I love a good drink, my poison of choice is vodka on ice, not just any vodka though, I'm utterly picky. One of my other pleasures is making great cocktails for others and knowing the science behind combinations. Give me glorified piss, and I will not touch it.

As much as I talk about drinking, I'd like to point out that when I do drink, it's often with folk twice my size and to "polish off a bottle" will be defined as myself barely finishing a glass, while whatever poor individual has to withstand the rest.

I am heavily medicated for heart disease, I see my cardiologist biannually and I work out at least once daily.

Those who love and know me, have seen me ill in the morning after a "session," often. However, there is an even greater select few who know why I am sick. It's not because of the three units I've had over the course of a long night, hell no, it's because during a time of huge unsettlement in my younger life, I suffered with Bulimia. I hated using the backs of tooth brushes or ends of cutlery to remove fabulous meals from my system, so I got very much used to being sick without force. Unfortunately, years later, my system is rather delicate and a mere glass of wine and I have issues.

So, with that out in the open, I ask you to hold back your judgement and please, it's the holiday season after all.

All my love,

Patricia SnookComment