{How does she do it?}

Current to do list: 
*Create some awesome photographic double exposures
*Buy a load of polaroid film 
*Complete updated portfolio book and have printed
*Complete wedding advertising books and send for printing 
*Come up with some new project ideas and themes
*Find beautiful apartment in Oxford 
*Put £1 in a jar every time I work out (cue LMFAO) 
*Clean room/s 
*Sign up to Royal Photographic Soc
*Start the RPS chartership steps 
*Appreciate everyone in my life
*Complete Institute of Civil Engineering quarterly reports
*Make time for next MEng module 
*Finish Wedding Pack for speculative clients 
*Get back down to 45kg 

Right now, I've been up since five forty working at demolishing the above to do list. I set myself daily and mid term goals often, and ticking them off mentally in your head is a pretty sweet feeling. To say that I feel like the below image, quite often, is an understatement. All my life I have had pressure after pressure, and that's where I thrive. About, five years ago, Itunes directed me to Stin Hansen - My Thought Coach. I now meditate daily, and that's not meditation in the sense of sitting cross legged going "ummmmmm". Each morning as I wake up, I think clearly and remind myself of some positive affirmations. It's helped adjust my thought patterns, from negative thoughts "I can't do it, I'll never be as good, I'm not clever enough" to much more positive and motivational self talk. Stin's meditation for sleep (available free on Itunes) has been a huge help in my life. I fall asleep immediately as my head hits the pillow, and I fall into an immediate deep sleep, without any worry or anxiety. Falling asleep so fast allows for less hours dedicated to sleep and I wake up refreshed and feeling great. This has been the case for over half a decade now. 

Have a gander on over to her site, there are some great free meditations and work outs, have a listen, she's pretty good at what she does... 

Have a great day folks