{Festive Gatherings}

My loves,

It's impossible not to love festivities. Last weekend, people who I'm contractually obliged to spend every working day with, and I got together for some fabulous celebrations. The last year has been tough, but great friends and colleagues have made the days so worthwhile. Andrew, Smurf, has been one of the most fantastic sources of support. The whole year has been a whirlwind but the outcome couldn't be better.

My gorgeous and huge sources of inspiration has been from Yan, shoots with her, sitting late at night stuffing our faces, horror films in her home cinema, everything's just heaps of fun with her!!! While photography inspiration is covered by Yan, daily Engineering inspiration comes from her husband, one of the toughest Designer's to work with, but, there's nothing better than occasionally exceeding his expectations!

he he he! Festive wishes!!!

All my love,