{Guest Post: Joe Morris - How to take a Great Profile Picture}

How to Take a Great Profile Pic
In a world dominated by the World Wide Web, we all know that it is essential to have an award-winning profile picture to be displayed on social networking sites and dating sites for all your friends and prospective love interests to see.  However, this task is not always an easy one.  To be sure that you don’t fall victim to a bad profile picture that would maim your online reputation as a social networking butterfly, follow these tips:
  • Less is more.  Your online profile picture should be your main opportunity to showcase YOU.  Although it’s fun to upload a photo that shows how adventurous, well-traveled and well-liked you are, you should avoid distracting elements that will take away from all of your glory.  However cute that picture is of you with your large gaggle of friends…think about cropping everyone else out (no hard feelings!).  Also, when taking a pic, try turning the camera 90 degrees and shooting from a vertical angle.  The vertical frame is the best bet for capturing a single individual without any unnecessary empty space in the background.
  • Light it up.  One of the greatest online portrait disasters is poor lighting.  Your internet pic will be other online daters’/social networkers’ first impression of you.  And as previously stated, your profile shot is there to show people who it is behind the witty cyber banter and masterly composed bio on your profile.  So make sure that your image is well lit, clear and lacking harsh shadows. 
  • The perfect ensemble.  You have a lot of room to get creative with your online profile, but your picture is your prime opportunity to show off your impeccable sense of style and how you are on the forefront of fashion!  So hit up your closet for your favorite duds and whip out the camera.  You can’t go wrong as long as you stick to clothes you normally wear.  So unless you don a string bikini or lingerie with heels every day, these photos aren’t the most appropriate. 
  • Just be you.  Through your online communications, one of the most important rules is to be honest and be yourself.  Just like you shouldn’t lie in your online bios, a picture isn’t the place to sell yourself as someone you are not.  Photoshop is a friend to us all, but that doesn’t mean to go crazy to the point where you are unrecognizable!  The best profile pictures are the ones that highlight your stunning personality in a fun, natural way. 

When taking a photo or choosing one for your online dating or social networking profile, remember these few rules and you will be golden.  Audrey Hepburn famously once said, “Happiest girls are the prettiest girls...” so don’t forget to smile!

This guest post was contributed by Joe Morris.  Joe is the author of articles about online dating and more of them can be found on Best Internet Dating Sites.