{Weekend Antics}

My Little Loves, 

I hope you all have had a fabulous weekend just past. I'm just catching up on work and getting back to you, reading through your beautiful comments. 

Recently it's been very non stop. 

Last weekend, one of the best people in my life, took me far Northwards for a dose of sanity and some fabulous spa action, in a Centre Parcs in the North Lakes. After spending the night before in Birmingham with my gorgeous (and I mean gorgeous) Joo, and people I see every day and forget how fantastic they are, we jumped in the car and gunned it northwards. 

The weather was chilly and refreshingly wet. My little gillet came in perfect, nature and the elements had nothing on me.

The week before, Marlow Brewery had an open night, £10 - 5 pints, brilliant atmosphere, and of course, I had to try out a new spirit local to buckinghamshire, Caralicious. Normally I'm not a lover of flavour infusions, I like my vodkas plain and on ice. But the caralicious was a gorgeous mix of flavours and I can't wait to use it as a base for an espressotini type cocktail.

All my love,