{Air Breathers}

My dolls,

Be warned, this might be a bit heavy.

Every single day we fuel cancerous cells in our bodies. Just simply by breathing in oxygen. Each day we live, we literally kill our fabulous selves ever so slightly. Creepy to think about eh?

So, why risk chances to increase that chance of an amended expirey date? It seems utterly illogical. No human deserves for that date to come closer, it’s something that is beyond our power and capacity entirely. Parts of my family are very religious, “when it’s your time, it’s your time” they say.

Right now, I’m making a little pledge to myself and you all, but most of all, to my dear and darling Granny. In my life I will not let my body become reliant upon a cigarette. I’ve come to learn over the years that I’m not a words person. I care very little for empty words, actions speak far louder. I find that my photography helps demonstrate my actions.

Very painstakingly, with the help of Momma, very ill Granny and her house girl, we captured this image...

Just think of the impacts those little cancer sticks have... having put this up on Facebook late last night, I've had two messages from people I love saying that this is a reality which they don't want. Maybe it's time to quit. That's all I want to evoke out of this.

All my love