A late {Happy Birthday} to me

Listening to the Get Up Kids {Overdue} I'm sat for the first time in days, slightly comfortably with my nerd books which preach pending climate change based on hashed data from extremists. 

It was my birthday on Tuesday. I am tuesday's child, whatever that brands me as, probably foolish. While yapping about the signs etc, I'm a strong willed Taurus - is that why I love steak? I'm also a Dragon via Chinese Signs. Apparently that's a good thing? We're yet to see. I've been a bit poorly the last week. My kidneys have been suffering, there are little stones in them, which wasn't on my to do list. 

A year ago, sitting drinking under the stars, BBQ stench in my clothes, probably drips of booze and vomit (from myself or other) dashing Marc Jacobs or some pseudo designer. Actually, from memory, it might have been Indie Boy's uni hoodie, anyway, I never thought my year ahead would have turned out as it did. It's been a fantastic adventure - and the shoes have just escalated in fabulosity.

This year I am proud to share with you:

*fantastic jobs with the top notch hydro consultancy, Hafren Water and a secondment to Severn Trent Water*returning to my favourite company where I am so motivated and passionate about role.*completing half an MSc in half a year! *gaining 2/3rds of a BEng! Which is so exciting for me because I work full time too*as of this week, Wondering Weddings is my official company in the making - seriously!? *my wedding photography side of life is shooting into the stars fantastically*meeting a whole lotta fantastic people through my travels and work*some great travels with people I love and adore (here, here, here, and here