{Rachel Dou}

Hello Sweets, 

Over the last few months, being this side of the world has been fabulous. I have a job I love, I'm passionate about learning and can't wait to tick off more boxes on the route to chartership {nerd much?}

It's not all work and no play though, the fantastic Rachel Dou has been a fantastic partner in crime with regards to the world of photography. Hours lost in her studio has been so much fun, with our poor gentlemen folk locked out only to hear cries of "you're a lion - raaaar, sad squirrel, more motion, I want to see sadness" some nights we've forgot to close the blinds and had questions from neighbours and colleagues asking what the flashing lights were all about. Madness I tell you. 

Anyway, this image is by far in my top 50 so far this year. I love the softness of the motion and the silence in her closed eyes.