{Don't paint the silence}

Eeek! So I can't hold it in any longer! I have to share a sneak peak of some images I took with SeeSee and Tanith for Tanith's gorgeous company, Masque Boutique.

One of a pet pain of mine are models, they're brilliant when they pitch up to a shoot and utterly fantastic when they really apply themselves. However, when 8am is too early, you really see who's a true model and who's not. Poor SeeSee, in her 5"7 glory and gorgeous looks, thought she was going to spend the day revising for her physics exams. But... this was going to be a long shoot, we needed loads doing and it was Tanith's first long day of it. So in exchange for some techno gear and a fabulous handbag, SeeSee injected this enthusiasm and creativity into the day.

Tanith did amazingly too, she's got a great stylistic eye and her photographs came out beautifully.

If you'd like to purchase one of the above masques, scadaddle over to her website Masque Boutique, the selection is fabulous.

All my love