{Twenty Eleven}

Good evening dolls,

{Happy New Year!!}

I wish you a prosperous, successful and wonderful year ahead. Pina Colda finished me off last night. We hadn't planned anything for new year. A part of me wanted to sneak away to Paris for the night... but that was scrapped by late nights at work finishing some projects for next week. Instead, we raided Momma's ever packed liquor selection and played silly for the night! Ridiculous. As the clock chimed midnight I raced up to bed thinking in a drunken state that it was beddy bies. We all woke up in different parts of the house, staggered up for breakfast and I've been getting comfy in my stained Calvin Klein wifebeater and Jack Wills trashy tracksuit bottoms. Because I'm white trash that way.

Have a fabulous weekend xoxo

#1 Twenty Eleven

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