{What are you eating this week?}

My darlings,

With the festive season in full swing, my poor tummy is crying from over doses of dinners and endless puddings. This week at the top of my personal menu are some festive escapism foods.

1. Pomegranates
Mmm Mmm mmm! My fabulous Sugar lived with us for a while at uni, in that time I never felt more energised by food than through all the goddam pomegranates he adores. Packed wig anti oxidants, they are one of my favourite health binge bites. Eat them on their own or heap on some natural yoghurt and muesli.

2. Bagels
I'm living with a gal called Phillippa in The south east. She's fabulous, but I'm sure she's wondering how I can eat so many bagels. They're my perfect go to for lunch time snacks.

3. Falafel
Again, Another food group that Sugar has opened my eyes to. After cooking t for us while we were in Birmingham, we indulged in yummy filling Lebanese bites. Perfect meal for kids travelling on the cheap!

What are you eating this week?

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