Ooh my loves, I hope you're having a fabulous week. Wow, so I've been nice and busy. But busy is certainly the great kind of day. 

I had my hair trimmed the other week, after a super long day at 8pm I wasn't the most lively of clients. The girl asked me what's my average day like. 

5-6am: MSc reading and essay writing. If Thomas is around, I try so hard to go back to sleep but just end up waking him. I hate my Iphone, but one of the driving factors behind getting it was to work silently in the morning. I pdf my text books and read quietly, and of course catch up on my fabulous Chanel, Dior, Vogue, Harpers apps... 

7-8am: During the week this is when I leave for work, it's an hour commute so my journey is packed with nostalgic soundtracks. They're also very loud. I'm almost deaf in my right ear from this behaviour, one day I'll learn my lesson. 

6pm: I have to be out of the office because the car park closes, convenient excuse otherwise I just wouldn't stop. 

8pm: Home, stop, breathe, attempt to cook. Fail. 

11pm: Peel myself off the sofa where I'll sit working on my photographs and sorting out shoots for pending weekends. Then spend an hour or so doing silly things on my phone like pod casts, blah blah blah. 

Anyway, last weekend I got some snaps in the snow. My little bunnies have loved putting their fabulous on trend fur coats to use.... 

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