{Sunday Inspiration}

Hello Dolls,

Wow so it's been a week almost since I dropped y'all a hello. Lazy? I wouldn't say so, yesterday I packed up my little car and headed Southwards to move down to High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. Tomorrow I'm starting with the consultancy I love most in Reading as a little Civil Grad. Crazy right! I'm very excited.

These are some little inspirational images I'm in love with. I'll post some images once I have a few seconds free this coming week.

Right now though, I'm juggling the last few modules of my Msc along with full time work, then planning and applying for a MEng in the summer. Crazy Oui?

I'll never say that doing lots is easy, it's not. But with a little bit of time management and focus, you can get so much done!

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