Ooh hello loves, 

Eeek! I have to share some fun little snaps with you from my weekend antics with explosives! Okay, so I'll come clean, I normally don't get too excited about fireworks night, Guy Fawkes and all that, simply because I've seen better. Massive explosions to blast through mountains, huge cavities, watching massive mountain sides disappear in one little blast.  However, this year, IB decided we were going to go on a date for Guy Fawkes, and we headed to a fabulous Victorian Village down in Ironbridge called Blists Hill {website} {twitter}. It was so fun! It was rammed, but with my {eh herm} new handbag... {watch this space} 5D and a toffee apple with a real edible apple in the middle, I soon got excited! 

All my love