{Finding My Feet}

Hello my Sugar Huns,

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and fabulous start to the week! My sincere apologies for delayed replies to your gorgeous comments, the last week has been crazy. I upped sticks and left the familiar midlands for the south east where there was a perfect job waiting for me. After all my studyimy ng and a year of solid experience, five years of part time experience and half an Msc under my belt, I have got an awesome little job as a Civil Engineer! Eeek! It's very exciting and I'm loving each and every single contract. I'm in water networks and at the moment, be fearful in your Christian Louboutin booties because I'm ripping up central London for some pipeline design.

It's super crazy living away from my Momma and Sister, it's super weird knowing that my Father is only 120 miles away as opposed to 10,000. It sucks not having IB here every waking moment, I'm really not good at keeping myself alive on my own and he's a brilliant cook!

I'm living with a lovely 'gal, however, it's only for a few weeks :( as I'm going to have to get down to Reading for the next year or so. But, Coach Handbag wearing? {check} Grey Goose drinking? {check} Aldo endorsing? {check} she's just fabulous.

So this weekend, IB popped down in his super awesome new car carrying a brilliant new {old} polaroid camera....

All my love,


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