{A few snippets}

Ooh, so I was reading Bursts of Bubbles earlier this month and I utterly loved these questions, so had to give it a go. 

{one} do you collect anything? if so, what and how long have you been collecting?
 Hmmmph, I collect tea cups because anything tastes better out of a tea cup. In the day I'll sip Earl Grey, and in the eve with girlies and guys playing cards and catching up, I'll sip vodka and ice out of them. 

{two} what is one cleaning tip that you swear by?

Oh gosh, encase you aren't aware... this is what I live in...

Oh my gosh! Have I been robbed?!

Corners of our home


{three} who would you call for bail money?

My mother, because my father would leave me in a cell to teach me a lesson :)

{four} what is one thing you miss about being a kid?

The smell of summer rain on hot African Sands. 

{five} name a few of your guilty pleasures.

{six} how early do you start your holiday shopping?

Pffff, for Christmas you mean? The week before maybe?

{seven} what is a family tradition that you would like to pass on to your significant other/children?

You know, I don't think we have any family traditions, we just flow with the breeze. 

Oh but then there's always our attitude.... 

{eight} what do you consider your greatest achievement?

Greatest, ever? I do alot, I'm a consultant, scientist nerd, Msc student, shop owner, photographer, entrepreneur, blogger, meh, things like signing a new contract or achieving a new qualification I rank up there with getting out of bed in the morning. They are all things that must be done. 

{nine} what do you do to pamper yourself? 

Pamper? I sleep. Or I run a hot bath, throw in heaps of Clarins Eu Dynastie and sip Bulliet Bourbon on ice.

{ten} if you were to start your own restaurant, what would it be called? 

Easy. It would be called The Mooch, you'd go upstairs for great grub, big steak, hearty salads, all fabulously prepared in an relaxed Cafe environment. The walls would be dark blues and aubergine, a good nod towards gothic tendencies with oversized furniture. 

Downstairs the bar area would come alive after ten, playing old school rock and roll, leather and bikers would be a must, rusty old tunes and top shelf spirits served in wooden shot glasses. The bar girls would resemble hookers, and dancing on the bar to Journey, Tina Turner, The Eagles, would be done, otherwise, don't let the door hit'ya. 

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