{Dog Walking Garb}

Ooh my loves,

So, I'm sure alot of you are from gorgeous forever warm countries where winter is just a passing thought. Unfortunately, right now, it's a reality for me. My heart cries when I have to put away my peep toes for thick leather riding shoes, I cry when I have to choose Vibram flats over 6 inch loves.

A fabulous way to warm winter mornings is with a brisk walk towed by a muddy pooch. The calorie loss in negative temperatures are such that a double dollop of whipped cream on hot chocolate is well deserved.

When IB and I steal his pooch Fleur, I tend to go for simple thick wools and wellies. I'm a personal hater of faux ostentatious arrays of Jack Wills garb outside of my warm PJ's and hidden thermals, however, for picking dog excrement, I'll lower myself to "Made in China" JW puffers and gillets.

Dog Walking