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So today I am elated to share with you, details of a very exciting giveaway by the Contemporary Art Gallery Artica who are about to release a fantastic new book. 

Artica's Director Henrik Riis provides the perfect description of art and the mission of Artrica....
"For many people, the art world can be intimidating. When I started visiting galleries and art fairs I felt I didn’t really fit in, but as I started to get to know people, I was fascinated with the marvellous and strange anecdotes they relayed, and with the advice they generously offered. It was and is a fascinating world."
The Artica's blog is a fantastic point for priceless advice, such as pricing artwork, getting published, what you need to know as a collector. 


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There we go! That's 8 chances to win right there. 

Anthony Haden-Guest (c) 2010

Prague Bed – Mat Collishaw an Abigail Lane (c) Vanessa Fristedt

Competition Ends Midnight (GMT time) on the 19th the winner will be selected via Random.org