Hello sugars,

I hope your week is going great. Wow well I'm kicking myself today because on the way up to Cumbria the weekend before last, I was shattered and hungover from a nightout in Nottingham the night before. So we stopped at a service station, stocked up on Starbucks and Redbull, then continued another few hundred miles. The AMAZING thing though, was at this dodgy service station their magazine selection was like a dream come true, French Vogue, American Vogue, the new issue of Pop Magazine, it just went on and on. At that point I was too hungover to fully appreciate what was there and left empty handed!

Also, amongst other antics, I've started a 365. Each day I'm uploading newly edited stuff to Flickr. I've also made a page on here for it. These are a few so far....




Into the deep



All my love